Our Story

It started out as an endeavor to create a watch that was unlike anything else on the market. It was an experiment to capture the individuality and uniqueness that can only be found in nature. Hailing from the scenic Pacific Northwest, we have always had a desire to experiment with new materials and innovative processes. These watches reflect who we are and the life we live. 

There is pride in following your passion. Doing things just a little bit differently than everyone else. The ability to do new things exists in you, it exists in all of us and that's what inspires us. Its a matter of carving forward and forging your own path. Stone itself is one of the most diverse natural elements out there. Each stone has it's own unique set of characteristics and that’s what's so exciting about the future of Lexell Stone Watches. Each one of our handcrafted stone-infused timepieces is a team effort that begins with all of you. Some play the game. Others Change it. Welcome to Lexell.


There are 1,380 founders here at Lexell from over 40 different countries. That's right, we're completely crowd-funded and are so graciously thankful about each and every one of our supporters. We are proud to have the support of so many founders and we couldn't be more ecstatic about everyone helping us Kickstart brand.

It's these original founders that push us forward everyday. They are our reminder that conformity is overrated. They gave us their support and now it's our job to give it back to them and you. With that said we have an open-door policy here at Lexell. We want to hear from you!

Please reach out to us at anytime of the day. We love hearing your stories.